Call Me Watson

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

You, my girl, are like a poisonous flower.

Your appearance is an epitome of deception.
Exuding innocence and allure, and promising ambrosia,
Your sharp edged petals and hidden thorns guard venom.
You do not forgive those who maim you.

Your eyes sparkle with charm, and something more.
With glistening skin and shy half-smiles,
You twist concepts and bend resolves.
You have curves that spell a mystery.

Your laugh is that of a wildchild, and intentions, anarchist.
The blueprints of your actions are written in riddles,
And ink bleeds out of them, fast.
You are a masterkey to all locks.

Your gait sketches puzzles, and your fingers play games.
Equally capable of pain and pleasure, your tools are proud,
For such a deft mistress guarantees practice and victory.
You gain in all you partake.

You do not know thoughtlessness or routine.
Planning is pivotal to success, but change is hailed,
Risk contours all your schemes.
You draw life from spontaneity.

You are the cunning cuckoo and the clever raven;
The sweet koel and the garish peacock,
The graceful swan and the soaring albatross.
You have wings of gold and a diamond skeleton.

Your shoulderblades seem ready to spring into wings,
and take you back to the world you come from;

you do not belong to ours.

— ”Wings of Gold and Diamond Skeleton”, by nirantar (Anushree). (via nirantar)

(via nirantar)